The Mission Statement of IDEPARDAZAN NOVIN SANAT SEPAHAN Company

(ESPADANA Creativity Academy)

مهندسی خلاقیت پانکس

IDEPARDAZAN NOVIN SANAT SEPAHAN Company, as one of the largest companies in the country for producing the packages of creativity & robotics engineering and educational toys, intends to develop its products in the field of fostering creativity in the children & teens and in addition to distribute these products over different points of the country, export them to other countries in the region by enjoying E-commerce distribution strategy.
Regarding to learning contents and books with specified lesson plan, these products can be used for specific classes held in different levels from kindergartens to secondary schools and they will be appropriate teaching aids in the educational centers. All products are designed based on multiple intelligence for fostering the creativity in the children and teens and they are produced with high quality under supervision of the relevant experts by using modern equipment. The creative managers and staff of this company have made a friendly and supportive atmosphere in the place of work with obligation and expertise and they are ready to communicate with the domestic and foreign investors to transfer their own knowledge.

Panex activities axis (pioneer in idea, innovation and detection of elite)
1)Producing and distributing educational entertainment products
Panex educational products have been produced and designed based on multiple intelligence and different abilities of children and teenagers. These products have educational contents and will be used by trained teachers in the class with a specific lesson plan. (Panex structure is based on this: the range of your making is the range of your imagination).
2)producing and distributing store products
Our goal is to fill the toy basket with creative games and entertainment.
3) Setting up the playroom and its equipment in school.
It is setting up with attention to importance of making playroom in schools and increasing ecstasy and indirect learning of students and also based on imagination, creativity ,playing and entertainment.
4)Setting up Panex room
Panex room is a place for entertainment, playing and fun that children and teenagers take part via school camps individual or group. They spend their times with different content and scenario with playing and entertainment.(This place can be implemented in different dimensions and it’s main theme is Panex brand) and the view of Panex room is panex land.
5) Holding various events
Planning and implementation of various events such as festivals and workshops in one or a few days or hours in public places or educational center and schools.


With Official Permit from the Department of Education of Iran
Cooperation with Kindergartens, Preschools, Primary Schools & Secondary Schools of the Country
Taking Active Agencies all over the Country


Panex   activities

1) Holding Various Educational Courses:

It is possible to hold various educational courses usng Panext’s educational products in different institutes including Daycares, Pre-Schools, Elementary Schools and High Schools.

Diverse topics including creativity engineering, tile work, domino, robotics, spaghetti structures, tailoring, electronics and other extracurricular activities can be planned and held according to specified curriculums in semester courses of 8 to 24 sessions.

Work method at agencies:

After signing an agency contract, first and through a call to action, interested alumni and students shall be gathered for conducting intensive teaching courses. These individuals are then sent to different centers for work and teaching in various extracurricular classes.



2) Store Products

These products can be used for sale in department stores, toy stores, supermarkets as well as for gifts, birthday presents or as other types of prizes.

Work method at agencies:

Store products can be ordered in bulk in any design and can be localized according to the production agreement.


3) Establishing special production lines in different regions or countries

Panext products can be localized based on the culture and language of each region or country.

Work method at agencies:

The process includes signing of contract for special production line establishment and transfer of all designs based on cultural and language specifications of each region or country.


4) Establishing and installing playroom equipment in schools and other locations and establishment of playhouses

Playroom is a location with the goal of learning and recreational activities and contains recreational or indirect education equipment in order to create a happy, interesting, exciting and attractive environment. At a larger scale, playhouses are independent locations with separate revenues through education and entertainment (these locations are often not located at amusement parks and have different structure and design regarding entertainment).

Work method at agencies:

First, necessary details and pictures of the proposed location is sent, with expert evaluations, design and further agreements being conducted in next steps.

 مهندسی خلاقیت پانکس


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